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Parlor Accessories

Parlor Accessories - Available for Purchase Online

We Are Now a USA Distributor and Repair Center for the PT 6

Not Available Online - Call to Order: 330-708-5799

PT 6 Basic Platform comes including:

Memory capacity 8GB (over 5000 measurements), Capacitive 7 inch Touchscreen, USB Charger 100-230V/50-60Hz//5V-2.1A, USB Car Charger 12V//5V-2.1A, USB-A // USB-B cable – 2m, Bag with 20 filters, Report Generator6.0 (Windows PC / iOS Mac), 4 Standard Measurement Apps as given below in 1a, 1b, 1c y 1d.


  • Pulsator Test Single App
  • Pulsator Test Sequence App
  • Vacuum Gauge App
  • Constant Vacuum (Vacuum Fluctuations) App
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