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Robotic Ready Products - Available for Purchase Online

Why Aren't We Selling Our Legendary Milking Liners Online?

And Where to Buy Them?

At Lauren AgriSystems, we're dedicated to providing the highest quality products directly to our customers. Currently, our milking liners are exclusively available through our trusted dealer network or via our Dairy Direct program, ensuring you receive personalized service and support.

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    Engage with our extensive dealer network. Search Online or Call 866-851-0252

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  • Dairy Direct for Large Herds

    Lauren AgriSystems works alongside large herd owners, purchasers, shift managers, milkers, and dealers to deliver an exceptional experience from installation, to continued customer service.

Lauren Liners Robot-Ready for Lely

Efficient Operation and Cow Comfort

With a patented Tri-Circle barrel and proprietary DairyGrade silicone, Lauren milking liners are a perfect fit to drive faster milking and optimal performance when used with Lely machines. It’s the Lauren quality you expect.