Collection: Milk Hose and Tubing for Dairy Farmers

Welcome to Lauren AgriSystems' Dairy Hose and Tubing online products. Our clear silicone milk hose and PVC tubing are designed and tested to be durable, flexible, and cost effective to meet the rigorous demands of milking parlors. Benefit from superior cleanability, reduced kinking, and excellent durability. 

The unique benefits offered by AgriSystems' milk hose and dairy tubing come from merging decades of manufacturing experience and on-dairy research with our silicone DairyGrade® compounds. 

Milk Hose and Tubing for Dairy Farmers

Milk Hose and Tubing - Available for Purchase Online

Lauren's Premium Green Milk Hose is available exclusively through our dealer network or call: 330-708-5799 for more information on how to order.

Lauren's Miking Liners

Not Available for Purchase Online

Call 330-708-5799 or Contact Your Dealer

Efficient Operation and Cow Comfort

Lauren AgriSystems’ Liners improve your bottom line by reducing expenses and increasing productivity. The Lauren Liner's patented Tri-Circle® barrel and proprietary DairyGrade® silicone offer fast milking, fewer squawks and greater cow comfort. Plus, all of the Lauren Liners have a specialized, nontwist design.

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Why Aren't We Selling Our Legendary Milking Liners Online?

And Where to Buy Them?

At Lauren AgriSystems, we're dedicated to providing the highest quality products directly to our customers. Currently, our milking liners are exclusively available through our trusted dealer network, ensuring you receive personalized service and support.