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6 - Cavity Clear Milk Hose for Lely Robots - Silicone

6 - Cavity Clear Milk Hose for Lely Robots - Silicone

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Robotic Milking Innovation. The 6 Cavity Silicone Hose for Lely Robots is a key part of Lauren's performance upgrade system, developed to integrate with Lely robotic machines for a comprehensive solution.

The unique benefits of our 6 Cavity Silicone Hose include:

  • Multi-channel design for efficient operation within robotic systems.
  • DairyGrade¨ silicone enhances visibility and cleanability.
  • Exceptional durability for long-term use in demanding conditions.
  • Part of a complete product solution, working in unison with Lely machines.
  • Delivers the high-quality results expected from Lauren AgriSystems.

Enhance your automated milking process with the 6 Cavity Silicone Hose, specifically designed for Lely Robots.

Learn more about the advantages and specifications by visiting our product page.

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