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Twin Tube for Lely Robots Fits A4 and A5 - Silicone

Twin Tube for Lely Robots Fits A4 and A5 - Silicone

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Flexible and Durable. The Twin Tube for Lely Robots is engineered for both the A4 and A5 models, providing a flexible and durable solution for automated milking systems.

The unique benefits of our Twin Tube include:

  • Compatible with both A4 and A5 Lely robots, ensuring a perfect fit.
  • Increases milk speed and flow rates, optimizing milking efficiency.
  • Reduces box time and maximizes the use of space in your operation.
  • Supports Lauren's dedication to cow comfort with superior materials.
  • Maintains consistent performance, contributing to efficient operation and cow comfort.

Our Twin Tube is a testament to Lauren's commitment to providing high-quality, robot-ready milking products.

For further details on the Twin Tube for Lely Robots, please see our technical sheet.

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