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Clear Milk Hose - Silicone

Clear Milk Hose - Silicone

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Smart design. Clearly better. Lauren AgriSystems' clear milk hose gives you the advantage of watching milk flow as it happens, designed for optimum cleanability, reduced kinking, and superior durability. Our parlor milk hose maintains smooth inner and outer surfaces, resisting degradation from common chemicals used in wash cycles under normal operating conditions.

The unique benefits of AgriSystems' clear dairy hose stem from merging decades of extrusion experience with our DairyGrade¨ silicone compound, offering:

  • No plasticizers used in the blend, non-halogenated, ultra-low carbon content, and no leaching.
  • Meets FDA CFR21 177.2600 and 3-A 18-03 standards, Bisphenol A (BPA) and phthalate-free.
  • Flexible and kink-resistant, remaining pliable during hot and cold temperature extremes.
  • Durable material maintains performance with superior chemical resistance and increased wall thickness.
  • Easy to clean, meeting 3-A standards with a smooth interior and exterior surface to reduce the buildup of bacteria.
  • LaurenAg Part #'s - 10212 , 10211, 10210, 10401

Perfect for wash hose applications and runs from the meter or shutoff to the milk line, Lauren Clear Milk Hose is endorsed by industry leaders for its quality and design.

Clear Milk Hose Features:

Lauren Clear Milk Hose Lauren AgriSystems’ DairyGrade® silicone blend meets 3-A standards and provides resistance to bacteria growth. This superior dairy hose material also reduces hose kinks and tears, maintaining consistent milk flow and lowering maintenance costs. 

High tear strength: Precipitated silica is used as a high-grade base, ensuring a consistent mix and increasing the material’s resistance to tearing. 

Long-term flexibility: Proprietary modifiers are added during the blend process to improve the resilience and oxidation resistance of the hose. 

Durometer: Fillers are carefully measured and added at specific levels to increase wall strength without compromising flexibility. 

Low odor: DairyGrade compound is a low-volatile, low-odor material that will not contaminate the milk supply. 

Kink resistance: The balance of material durometer to wall thickness reduces kinking. 

Our clear milk hose is available in three sizes: Thick-walled round dairy farm hose available in 5/8", 3/4" and 7/8" inside diameter.

For more details on the exceptional features of Lauren Clear Dairy Hose, please refer to our technical sheet.

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