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Lauren AgriSystems

Single Air Tube Footage - PVC

Single Air Tube Footage - PVC

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Smart design. Clearly better. Choosing the right components for your parlor is crucial to optimize your dairy's performance. Lauren AgriSystems' air tubing, designed for flexibility and durability, protects against hardening, swelling, and distortion under various environmental conditions. Our high-grade polymer blend ensures the air tubing performs excellently across a wide range of temperatures.

The unique benefits of AgriSystems' air tubing stem from our commitment to quality and safety, offering:

  • No leaching, BPA and phthalate-free, non-toxic materials to ensure the safety and purity of your dairy operations.
  • Ability to maintain performance in extreme temperatures, providing consistent results regardless of the weather.
  • Durable and long-lasting resistance to chemicals and biological materials, ensuring a reliable product lifespan.
  • Flexible construction that remains pliable during hot and cold temperature extremes, maintaining a consistent feel and performance.
  • Available in custom and standard lengths, our short air tubes and twin tubes can fit a variety of parlor setups, offering versatility for your specific needs.
  • LaurenAg Part #'s - 10515, 10514, 10513, 10512, 10501G, 10501, 10504

Perfect for maintaining stable pulsation and minimal maintenance in the dairy parlor, Lauren AgriSystems' air tubing is backed by industry professionals for its reliability and innovative design.

For more details on the exceptional features of Lauren AgriSystems' Air Tubing, please refer to our technical sheet.

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