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Milker's Gloves - Powder Free Nitrile

Milker's Gloves - Powder Free Nitrile

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Examination Grade Precision. The Powder Free Nitrile Examination Gloves are designed for a variety of applications, ensuring safety and hygiene across multiple industries. These ambidextrous gloves are crafted for single use, ensuring examination-grade protection every time.

The unique benefits of our Examination Gloves include:

  • Textured fingers provide a strong grip, essential for precise tasks.
  • The black color masks stains, bodily fluids, oils, grease, dyes, and paints.
  • They offer great dexterity and tactile sensitivity, critical for detailed work.
  • Ultra-soft and super flexible material allows for comfortable, prolonged use.
  • Not made with natural rubber latex, reducing the risk of allergic reactions.
  • Beaded cuff design prevents rolling back and makes for easy donning.
  • Complies with ASTM D6319 standards and meets FDA CFR Title 21 Indirect Food Additive Regulations Part 174-178.

These gloves are ideal for use in:

  • Farm/Dairy Parlor
  • Auto/Aviation
  • Beauty/Hair/Nail
  • Industrial/Manufacturing
  • Law Enforcement
  • Marine
  • Plumbing/Painting
  • Tattoo/Piercing/PMU

Product Specifications:

Item Color Case Pack Length Width Avg. Thickness
201SM Black 100/bx - 10 bxs/cs 240mm 85 ± 5 mm Avg: 4 mil
201MD Black 100/bx - 10 bxs/cs 240mm 95 ± 5 mm Avg: 4 mil
201LG Black 100/bx - 10 bxs/cs 240mm 105 ± 5 mm Avg: 4 mil
201XL Black 90/bx - 10 bxs/cs 240mm 115 ± 5 mm Avg: 4 mil
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